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14-18 GM 1500 Factory Control Arm Variations - Skyjacker

Cast Steel Control Arms. Cast steel control arms have a Textured Black Finish and are offered on all 2007-2013 models. If you have a 2014-April 2016 model then you must check to identify which control arms you have. A magnet will stick to forged and stamped steel control arms. Crankshafts - ForgedFeb 01, 2018 · Forged crankshafts are produced in many different strength ranges depending on the material. Factory forged cranks are made from steels such as 1010, 1045, and 1053, which have a tensile strength of 100,000-110,000 psi. The tensile ratings are similar to cast-steel but the elongation rating is more than triple. This makes the forging less brittle.

Forged or cast steel crank? NastyZ28

May 12, 2014 · Just so you know,forged steel is the crank that flexes and cast are the cranks that dont. Cast cranks are brittle and crack clean thru when they are overloaded,while forged cranks gather thousands of tiny stress cranks before they fail. I would go forged anyway as long as you dont already own a cast crank. Forged vs. Cast Steel The Armory LifeMay 07, 2020 · Steel casting involves pouring molten steel into a mold and allowing it to harden as it cools. Casting is amenable to the manufacture of complex shapes and particularly large parts. However, cast parts end up with a random crystalline microstructure that SilveradoSierra 2017 Cast aluminum, cast steel or May 05, 2017 · May 05 2017, 10:39am. Stamped looks like a flat piece if steel that was shaped/formed. A machine stamped it out of a sheet of steel. The other two options look more like a molded shape. Magnet sticks to one and not the other. There are your 3 options.

Study of sliding wear of the wheel flange - Rail gauge

Aug 15, 2019 · For the sliding speed of 0.9m/s, on the tests with cast steel discs, the friction coefficient generally stabilized between 0.7 and 0.9, with, at times, reaching minimum values of 0.4, whereas on tests with forged steel discs, the friction coefficient generally ranged at around 0.7 and 0.8, with minimum values going down to 0.4 and maximum values going up to 0.9. Tech - Cast Crank vs Forged Crank How do I tell which one 1) The 91-92 cast cranks have casting seams along some of the surfaces - the 93-99 forged cranks do not have these seams. 2) The 91-92 cast cranks' center balancing lobe is rectangular coming straight out of the center of the crank - the 93-99 forged cranks' center balancing lobe is rounded, like a How to Tell Cast Iron And Cast Steel Apart for Recycling The easiest way to tell cast iron and cast steel apart is through what is called a spark test. To perform a spark test, you will need to apply a sample of the material at hand to an abrasive wheel, which will cause sparks to shoot out. By making a visual inspection of the sparks, an experienced metalworker will be able to tell iron from steel.