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2- Checkered Patterns. A checkered pattern can create a light or deep grid on the handle of the gun. This will significantly improve your grip of the gun stock. This is often done with wooden gun stocks. Note that a checkered pattern is not the same thing as a stripple pattern, though they may look similar. Ambrose Antique Guns, Antique Firearms, Guns, Firearms A VERY GOOD+ LATE 19TH CENTURY FLOBERT TYPE 4mm PARLOR RIFLE, ca. 1870-1880:In overall very good untouched condition and of traditional Flobert Rifle form. Checkered and carved, light-colored, European Walnut ¾ stock with sculpted and lightly chased, full, iron mounts of traditional Continental European (Belgian) form, ca. 1870-1880.

Ambrose Antique Guns, Antique Firearms, Guns, Firearms

Regulation, US Mdl. 1855 brass and iron hardware:a 3 marking, on the heel of the butt-cap. The iron backstrap with its rectangular keyhole for the attachment of the shoulder-stock and the butt-cap and barrel-band with their sling-swivels. "Captive" iron ramrod with its steel bridle and screw. American Shotguns - Hallowell & CoGalazan Rounded-Body, Pinless. 16ga, 2 3/4". $39,750. Mfg. Co. Sidelock Ejector Over & Under. 29 1/2" chopper-lump barrels with solid matted rib choked improved cylinder. & modified. 14 1/4"pull from single trigger to checkered wood butt finished. with engraved steel heel and toe plates. 1 9/16" - 2 1/2" drop. Diamond Plate Seamless Vector Images (over 120)The best selection of Royalty Free Diamond Plate Seamless Vector Art, Graphics and Stock Illustrations. Download 120+ Royalty Free Diamond Plate Seamless Vector Images.

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The barrel of this firearm can range in length from less than 1 to 4 or more inches and is made from wrought iron browned with a chemical solution that imparts copper-colored streaks to the barrel. Partially round and partially octagonal, the Deringer barrel is flattened and slotted on top to accept a blade-style front sight and is rifled with FIREARMS, TOOL MARKS, AND OTHER IMPRESSIONSrifle has been fired must be determined by means of a careful comparison of the powder-residue pattern located on the victims clothing or skin against test patterns made when the suspect weapon is fired at varying distances from a target. By comparing the test and evidence patterns, the examiner may find enough similarity in shape H&R Single Shot Rifles - SynopsisThe buttstock and long Schnabel forearm of the Buffalo and Target rifles are made from American black walnut and are hand checkered in a point pattern. The buttplate is a gently curved "rifle" type made of color case hardened steel. The receiver also wears a color case finish. Iron sights are provided. Neither stock has a fluted comb.

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Supplementing the irons is a Unertl "Hawk" 4x scope mounted in a Redfield base. Checkered wrist and forend, the stock terminates at a black forend cap and a serrated steel buttplate. The cheekpiece is of a beaded, pancake-type. The bolt body has been chemically etched in a Old Dominion Forge KnivesThe full-tang knife has a 5 inch blade, brass scales, and iron bolsters. The knife measures 8 3/4 inches overall and comes with a simple neck sheath. Here is a unique knife from a maker who is highly collected. $240. Small Bone Handle Knives 4 1/2 inch blades, 3 1/2 inch bone, pistol grip handles. Pre War Engraved J. P. Sauer & Sohn Model 30 Drilling Markings:The bottom of the rifled barrel is marked 261224, two Eagle proofs, a Crown / U proof definitive proof, 7,8mm / 57, a Crown / G proof on rifled Gezogen barrel, Crown / N, St.m.G. / 13gr. nitro proof for steel jacketed bullet, 6 / 31 date code and with a SuS logo.

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EP2225 Rear Sight Stevens Favorite .22 Rifle,1873,1876, 1886, 1892, & 1894 Winchester Rifle & Carbine & Marlin 1897 & 39 Lever Our Price:$38.95 Compare S&W Revolver Picatinny RailSave 10% on a set of Keystone Rings with this rail and get free 2-Day shipping!*Mounting Hardware is IncludedThis mount fits:Smith & Wesson RevolverOur mount will fit K, L, N, and X frames.The bolt pattern on this mount fits factory drilled Smith & Wesson revolvers. The mount is also available undrilled, to accommodate unconventional bolt patterns.Swing the cylinder out on your gun and look Very Fine Engraved Austrian Imperial Springer Hammer Rifle May 03, 2019 · Well figured 13 inch stock with raised cheekpiece, checkered grip and takedown forend, the forend stocked to the muzzle and with dark horn Schnabel cap. Steel buttplate engraved en suite with the action with hinged trap cover, the trap containing a spare striker. Casehardened iron sling mounts. Import marking on barrel under the forearm.

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pots and pans. 253 items see more 1. mod enamelware pan or tray, black & white spaghetti squiggle drizzle. Mod spaghetti drizzle enameled steel pan, white squiggle design on black. It measures 13" across the rim of the pan, 2 1/2" deep. Le Winter Los Angeles vintage heavy cast aluminum dutch oven nesting pots w/ lids.Single Shot Rifles - Hallowell & Co27" round Henry-rifled barrel of fluid steel with block-mounted fine bead front sight, 1 standing and 1 folding platinum-lined leaf sights. 14"pull from checkered trigger to checkered steel trapdoor buttplate.