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3/4" - 1 1/4" API 11B Oilfield Hollow Sucker Rod Polished

All Sizes 3/4"- 1 1/4" API 11B Oilfield Hollow Sucker Rod Polished Rod Steel Pony Rod . Products Descriptions:Polished rods are manufactured from hot rolled alloy steel bars like AISI 4142, AISI4XX, Chrome-Moly Alloy (20CrMo or 30CrMo) . Bar and sucker rod dimensions and tolerances conform to API Spec 11B, latest edition. 3/4" - 1 1/4" Oilfield Drilling Tool Hollow Sucker Rod Home Products Polished Steel Rod 3/4" - 1 1/4" Oilfield Drilling Tool Hollow Sucker Rod 25ft Length High Strength. All Products. Sucker Rod Pump (96) Downhole Pumps (19) Rod Insert Pump (21) Oilfield Pump Parts (71) Well Pump Tubing (56) Cement Float Equipment (44) Bow Spring Centralizer (86)

Alloy Steel Welding Hollow Oilfield Sucker Rods With Rod

High Strength API 11B Polished Pony Oilfield Sucker Rods 5 / 8 " AISI 4330 Alloy Steel with Rod Coupling . Products Description:The steel sucker rod is one of the important equipment of oil field. Sucker Rod bars are manufactured from hot rolled alloy steel. Rod bars are machine straightened and cold drawn to the required size. Artificial lift - TenarisPony rods are used to space out the sucker rod installation. They are available for each steel grade, rod body diameter and thread. Used in progressive cavity pumping and beam pumping. Useful tool for gas lift, injector wells, and workover operations. HOLLOW ROD (3) - OilProduction Elevators:sucker rods conventional elevators are used with a 1" x 2 feet pony rod and a cross over to adjust the PCPRod® end at the elevation moment. Torque:the use of standard hydraulic wrenches for tubes with adapted clamps for OD 1.66" or 1.9" is recommended. The installation torque for each tube diameter is indicated in Make-Up Torque Table for Hollow Rods. No special tools are required.

Hollow Sucker Rods

Oilfield sucker rod and coupling reconditioning services. Split cane rods offering solid or hollow built four strip or six strip rods. provides fiberglass and steel rod guides, wheeled,ultraflow,paraffin scrappers, couplings for oilwell sucker rods. Sucker rod inspection Sucker Rod - Used for High Viscosity Oil ExploitationHollow Sucker Rod. Hollow sucker rod with specially designed hollow structure is widely used in the petroleum industries for oil extraction. MORE. Double Hollow Sucker Rod. Double hollow sucker rod with a special independent hollow channel in hollow sucker rod is widely used in oil exploitation for heat carrier conduction. MORE. Polished Rod Sucker Rod Pumping Horizontal & Highly Deviated Wells Sept. 11 - 14, 2007 2007 Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop 10 SPE 24764 (cont) Pumps evolved to 2 stage hollow valve rod pump Carbonitried barrel Carbide insert valve rod guide; Carbide balls & seats Spray metal box end plunger; -0.004 clearance plunger Plungers range 1.50 to 2.75; most 1.75 to 2 insert Tried spring activated balls but life less than a

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Sucker rod, steel or fiber reinforced plastic rod of standard length and diameter with externally threaded ends, typically used for transmitting mechanical power to the subsurface pump. Our company mainly offer steel sucker rod. Generally, every sucker is plastic threaded at one end, and is equipped with a coupling at the other end. Sucker Rods Weatherford InternationalRod Guides. Made of premium thermoplastics and reinforced with glass or aramid fibers, our sucker-rod guides suit the most demanding wells, including those with high water-cuts, high temperatures, excessive corrosion, and harsh abrasives. Extend rod and tubing life now. Extend the working life of your sucker rods. Rod Rotators. Sucker RodsSucker Rod Guides, Centralizers. Available Sizes:Sucker Rod:5/8 1-1/2. Nickel Sucker Rod:5/8 1-1/2. Polished Rod:1 1-1/2. Hollow Sucker Rod:1-1/4 1-7/8. Tungsten Plaited Rod:5/8 1-1/8. Pony Rod:2 ft 10 ft. Sucker Rods Specifications.

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An improved polished rod for use in pumping a well has the characteristics of reducing inventory and warehouse space requirements. The polished rod is in the form of an elongated high strength cylindrical metal rod of uniform external diameter and adaptable for reciprocation in an oil well stuffing box, the exterior surface being adaptable to receive a clamp thereon by which the polished rod US7857043B2 - Polished rod rotator - Google PatentsA polished rod rotator uses a new method and mechanism to rotate a string of sucker rods relative to a string of oil well tubing to high degrees of rotational angle and achieve large rotator torque. The activation and resulting rotation torque is achieved through axial impact directly by the weight of the sucker rod string at the end of the downward movement of the pumping equipment. the flexible sucker rod At The Best Prices - API Conventional Sucker Rod 2. Special Structure Sucker Rod 3. Steel Sinker Rod 4. Polished Rod 5. Hollow Sucker Rod 6. Hot-spray Coated Corrosion-proof Sucker Rod 7. Anticorrosion Sucker Rod Specification and Parameters of Sucker rod Specification Rod Body Nominal Thread Connector O.

Sucker Rod Couplings - Connection of Sucker Rod

The main types of sucker rod couplings are sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings and sub-couplings. Sucker rod couplings has same box thread size in both end. The polished couplings are designed to connecting polished rod and sinker bars. The sub-coupling is also called cross over coupling.