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1:Main Product:2:Qilu steel overviews. Hunan Qilu Industrial Co., Ltd has the capacity to forge round steel, steel flat, square steel, module, shaft and roller, etc. The main specifications of the products include 80-1000mm forging materials and 80-1200mm square billets and which the maximum piece weight can reach 50T. High Speed Steel - Waldun SteelJan 02, 2010 · GB W18Cr4V2Co8steel is equivalent to ISO HS18-0-1-10,ASTM T5,UNS T12005,JIS SKH40,DIN S18-1-2-10steel.It also is the tungsten high speed steel,but it has the cobalt element.Its hot hardness,high-temperature hardness and wear resistance are better than GB W18Cr4V.But the toughness gets down. Models for grinding HSS Lathe Tools Page 125 The Hobby May 30, 2020 · ASTM T5 Tool Steel 1.3265 S18-1-2-10 SKH4 BT5. ASTM T5 Tool Steel is one of tungsten high-speed tool steel. It belongs to ASTM A600, together with T1, T2, T4 Tool Steel etc. They are also in T group in ASTM A600 standard. AISI T5 high speed steel

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Feb 01, 2010 · Oel de scule de mare vitez T5 (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) Bar rotund din oel T5:diametru 2mm - 200mm T5 Oeluri plate:grosime 2-20mm x lime 10-100mm Plac de oel T5:grosime 2-200mm x lime 200-810mm Finisaj de suprafa:negru, prelucrat grosier, decojit, întors sau conform cerinelor date. 2.Relevant Product Selector Material1. Steel; 1.1 Magnetic soft (max 400 N/mm²) 1.2 Structural, Case carburizing (max 700 N/mm²) 1.3 Plain Carbon (max 850 N/mm²) 1.4 Alloyed (max 850 N/mm²) Qilu Special Steel Co.-qilucs1.3243/HS6-5-2-5:M35:SKH59:1.3247/HS2-9-1-8:M42:SKH2:HS18-0-1/1.3355:T1:SKH3:S 18-1-2-5/1.3255:T4/T12004:SKH4:1.3265/S18-1-2-10:T5/T12005:BT5:


T5 (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) T5 : 2mm 200mm. T5 : 2-20mm x 10-100mm. T5 : 2-200mm x 200-810mm. : , , , . AISI T5 2.Relevant Steel T5 Højhastighedsværktøjsstålproducent, leverandører T5 højhastighedsværktøjsstål (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) T5 stålrunde stang:diameter 2mm - 200mm T5 stålplader flad:tykkelse 2-20mm x bredde 10-100mm T5 stålplade:tykkelse 2-200mm x bredde 200-810mm Overfladefinish:Sort, ru bearbejdet, skrælmet, drejet eller i henhold til givne krav. 2 T5 High Speed Tool Steel Fabrikant, leveranciers Feb 01, 2010 · T5 High Speed Tool Steel (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) T5 stalen ronde staaf:diameter 2 mm - 200 mm. T5 Steels Flat:dikte 2-20 mm x breedte 10-100 mm. T5 stalen plaat:dikte 2-200 mm x breedte 200-810 mm. Oppervlakteafwerking:zwart, ruw bewerkt, geschild, gedraaid of volgens bepaalde vereisten.

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T5 High Speed Tool Steel (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) T5 Steel Round Bar:diameter 2mm 200mm T5 Steels Flat:thickness 2-20mm x width 10-100mm T5 Steel Plate:thickness 2-200mm x width 200-810mm Surface Finish:Black, Rough Machined, Peeled, Turned or as per given requirements. 2 T5 acer dalta velocitatSHAANXI SHEW-E STEEL PIPE CO., LTD és un dels principals proveïdors d'acer per a eines d'alta velocitat t5 i també un famós fabricant d'aquest tipus, equipat amb moltes fàbriques d'acer de t5 d'alta velocitat professionals, benvingut a comprar acer d'eines d'alta velocitat t5 T5 alta velocidade ferramenta aço fabricante, fornecedores Feb 01, 2010 · Aço ferramenta T5 de alta velocidade (T5, 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4) Barra redonda aço T5:diâmetro 2mm - 200mm Aços T5 planos:espessura 2-20mm x largura 10-100mm Placa T5 de aço:espessura 2-200mm x largura 200-810mm Acabamento da superfície:preto, usinado em bruto, descascado, torneado ou conforme os requisitos especificados. 2.Relevante

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Description:Q195 Q215 Q235 Q275 20 45 C45 Hot Rolled Ship Sheet . 20.000 kg. Package Type Package for "Q195 Q215 Q235 Q275 20 45 c45 Hot Rolled Ship Sheet Alloy Steel Coil and Plate "1. steel plate piece by piece 2. large plate cut to steel flat plate will be in bundles, each bundle with 2 -4 steel strips, each bundle weight under 2.5 to ASTM T5 Tool Steel 1 3265 S18 1 2 10 SKH4 BT5 - Weather Jan 02, 2010 · Description:T5 Tool Steel ASTM 1.3265 S18-1-2-10 SKH4 BT5; You have detailed data of ASTM A600 T5 tool steel, and other equivalents like 1.3265, S18-1-2-10, SKH4, BT5 tool steel in chemical composition, properties.